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Each resident, staff and team member at Dayspring Villa contributes to the diverse and vibrant community we call home. Our guiding philosophy of “Being Well Known” means that we commit to a culture where each person’s unique life story, personal experiences, and gifts are honored and our community is richer for each. Our Assisted Living Life Enrichment program supports you or your loved one to live as independently and vibrantly as possible, while engaging your passions and growth with purpose, and meeting you wherever you are in the rhythm of your life.

Our unique Rhythms Life Enrichment program is based on four cornerstones of healthy aging: social, inspirational, intellectual and physical. The program provides activities and fun, but it’s far more than that. Assisted living life enrichment can actually provide older adults with the tools to function longer and have a higher quality of life in the long run. With a program like our Rhythms Life Enrichment program, seniors can help bring purpose and joy to you or your loved one’s life.


Built on Five Pillars of Wellness

Icons representing the five pillars of wellness

Social | Intellectual | Physical | Purposeful | Spiritual


Our Life Enrichment (LE) model is built on five pillars of well-being: social connection, intellectual engagement, purposeful living, physical health and spiritual growth.

Social Wellness pillar icon Social – Building community through shared values and experiences, fostering authentic relationships that bring us together.
Intellectual Wellness pillar icon Intellectual – Supporting brain health with lifelong learning and meaningful ways to keep an active mind.
Physical Wellness pillar icon Physical – Encouraging healthy choices and habits, independence and inclusive fitness classes that sustain and improve function.
Purposeful Wellness pillar icon Purposeful – Participating and making decisions in the things that matter most to each of us. Being of service, feeling valued, and sharing our gifts with others.
Spiritual Wellness pillar icon Spiritual – Nurturing the soul, spirit and emotional well-being by connecting to our purpose, values and beliefs.

Older adults talking and sharing a meal sample calendar Elderly woman watering her plants employees and a resident worship at senior living community chapel


Rhythms Engagement Tenets

All life enrichment programming, in one way or another, is grounded in these tenets, with the goal of supporting each resident’s success and wellbeing.

  1. We strive to meet each person where they are in their journey, supporting their daily rhythm and healthy living however they define it.
  2. We believe each person, no matter where they are in their aging journey, can continue to grow, contribute and pursue their passions.
  3. We approach life enrichment from a partnership perspective; not “doing” for residents but rather partnering with them. Residents are empowered to build and lead community-based initiatives and activities with us. We listen to and invite residents to share their gifts with the community, and we incorporate their skills and experiences into our community engagement offerings.
  4. We value the power of community and inclusivity. While we offer engagement opportunities for diverse levels of abilities and interests, inclusivity guides our planning and all offerings are available to everyone who lives and works in the community.
  5. We know that the success of our life enrichment model relies on the participation of our team members. Therefore, we want to empower all team members to share their passions in both formal and informal engagement programming.
  6. We know that nurturing deep personal relationships with the people around us is at the core of feeling we belong. Our innovative approach includes the use of technology to enhance connections, communication and engagement.
  7. We dedicate our work to further our organizational vision: Creating communities where aging is honored and celebrated.

Dayspring Villa's new vanWith our program focus areas and tenants in mind, the residents are empowered to create the activities calendar with the support of staff. Promoting autonomy and choice, a “calendar creators” committee meets monthly to determine which assisted living enrichment activities are scheduled. From classes, events, and excursions, residents love to share their hobbies with the community and try new things with their neighbors.

Activities include:

  • Yoga 
  • Wellness sessions like move and groove, 
  • Movie club
  • Yahtzee
  • Painting
  • Bingo
  • Bible study
  • Van trips to local shopping and attractions

Take a look at our monthly calendar to see what assisted living enrichment activities we have planned.


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