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Posted: June 9, 2023

Many older adults may need a little assistance with the tasks of daily living (ADLs) as they grow older. When this happens, you may consider moving yourself or a loved one into an assisted living community such as Dayspring Villa. And when that time comes, you want to be prepared to find the best place possible.

The following are the top seven assisted living questions you’ll want to ask before starting your search.

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1. What is assisted living, and how does it differ from other types of senior care?

Assisted living is a type of senior care that provides housing, personal care services, and support for older adults who may require assistance with ADLs but otherwise are capable of living independently. This residential option offers older adults a dedicated community with access to staff and services on-site. Assisted living facilities may also have specialized memory care units or separate communities designed for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other memory-related conditions.


2. How do I know if assisted living is right for me or my loved one?

Deciding to move to assisted living is a deeply personal decision, and it’s essential to involve the individual in decision-making as much as possible. Consider their wishes, preferences, and concerns to ensure you choose a community that aligns with their goals and promotes well-being.

Here are some steps you can take to assess whether assisted living is a suitable option:

  • Evaluate their current and future care needs.
  • Assess any chronic health conditions, medical needs, or memory-related issues that require monitoring or specialized care. 
  • Consider their social needs and whether they are experiencing isolation or limited social interactions in their current living situation.


3. What services and amenities are typically offered in assisted living communities?

Assisted living communities typically offer a range of services and amenities to support their residents’ well-being, comfort, and quality of life. While the specific offerings varies among communities, Dayspring Villa offers the following:

  • Kitchenettes with microwave and refrigerator
  • Dining services with delicious and nutritious meals
  • Laundry rooms
  • Free WiFi
  • Transportation services for scheduled outings, medical appointments, shopping trips, and other activities outside the community
  • Community room with kitchen
  • Community gathering areas for socializing
  • Wellness and healthcare support
  • Around-the-clock maintenance (including emergency on-call)
  • Historic gardens


4. How much does assisted living cost, and what factors affect pricing?

The cost of assisted living can vary widely depending on many factors, including the location, size of the apartment or suite, level of care required, amenities offered, and the specific policies of the assisted living community. Here are some key considerations regarding the cost of assisted living:

  • Cost of living, local market rates, and proximity to amenities and services can influence pricing.
  • Larger units, private rooms, or apartments with additional amenities like balconies or upgraded finishes may come at a higher cost than smaller or shared units.
  • Some communities have tiered pricing structures based on the level of care provided.
  • The range of services and amenities an assisted living community offers can influence the cost. Communities that provide a wide array of amenities, such as dining services, transportation, wellness programs, and social activities, may charge higher fees to cover these additional services.
  • Certain services or personalized care, such as medication management, specialized memory care, or individualized care plans, may come at an extra cost.
  • Assisted living communities may offer different contract types, such as month-to-month, annual, or long-term contracts.


5. What is the process for finding and choosing the right assisted living community?

Finding and choosing the right assisted living community requires careful research, evaluation, and consideration of individual needs and preferences. Remember that finding the right assisted living community takes time, so starting the process early is essential and allows ample time for research, visits, and decision-making. Here is a step-by-step process that can help in the selection process:

  • Assess the specific needs, preferences, and priorities of the individual moving to assisted living. Consider factors such as location, level of care required, desired amenities, budget, and specific considerations like memory care or specialized services.
  • Conduct thorough research to identify potential assisted living communities that align with the identified needs and preferences. Utilize online resources, directories, and senior living websites, and seek recommendations from healthcare professionals, friends, or family members with assisted living experience.
  • Schedule visits and tours to the shortlisted assisted living communities. Pay attention to the layout, amenities, security measures, and accessibility of the community. Take note of the cleanliness, friendliness of staff, the overall atmosphere, and resident interactions.
  • Interact with the staff and administrators to ask questions and gain insights into the community’s philosophy, care approach, and available services. Ask current residents and their families for their perspectives and experiences, if possible.
  • Obtain copies of the contracts, policies, and pricing details from the communities under consideration. Carefully review these documents, paying attention to the cost structure, services provided, admission criteria, cancellation policies, and other pertinent information. 
  • Ensure that the assisted living communities you are considering are properly licensed and meet the local authorities’ regulations and compliance standards. You can usually obtain this information from the community or local regulatory agencies.
  • Seek input and opinions from family members, close friends, or trusted advisors to gather different perspectives and insights. 


6. How do assisted living communities ensure the safety and well-being of their residents?

Assisted living communities have various measures in place to ensure the safety of their residents. These measures can include the following:

  • Trained staff
  • Personalized care plans for each resident
  • Around-the-clock availability in case of emergencies
  • Safety measures such as secure entrances, surveillance cameras, nurse call pendants, and regular safety inspections 

Dayspring Villa also offers a Movement 4 Life campaign, which is designed to help older adults perform daily movements to sustain strength, balance, and flexibility. The impact of falls can be devastating, and this program helps decrease falls due to deconditioning.


7. What kind of social and recreational activities are available in assisted living communities?

Assisted living communities offer a variety of social and recreational activities to promote engagement, socialization, and overall well-being among residents. These activities cater to different interests, abilities, and preferences. While the specific activities can vary among communities, here are some common examples:

  • Exercise and fitness programs
  • Arts and crafts
  • Games
  • Music and entertainment
  • Education and lifelong learning
  • Social outings and excursions
  • Parties and celebrations
  • Religious and spiritual activities
  • Gardening and outdoor activities


Choosing the Right Assisted Living Community

Choosing the best assisted living community for you or your loved one can seem daunting. But knowing what questions to ask can help ensure you make the right decision. Contact Dayspring Villa for more information about our assisted living community. 

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